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Never Again

Black Square Editions

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by Doug Nufer

“Only a madman could write a novel that never uses the same word twice (Never Again), and only a genius could make it work.” -Andrew Bleeker

“If you like a novel that is innovative, adventurous, skillfully written, and just a little difficult find yourself a copy of this book. It is easily one of the masterpieces of constrained novels.” -Derik A. Badman

About the Author
Doug Nufer writes fiction, poetry, and performance pieces that seem to be based on formal constraints, even when they are not. The most audacious example of his work is Never Again, the story of a gambler who narrates how he set out to avoid the mistakes of his past by doing (and saying) nothing he has ever done (or said) before. He is also the author of the novels Negativeland (Autonomedia) and On the Roast (Eraserhead) and the CD monologue The Office (softplate), which he performs and Erik Belgum produces. He lives in Seattle, where he has had the same job (selling wine) for nearly two decades.

Published by Black Square Editions
Publication Date: 2004
ISBN: 0-9712485-6-7
202 Pages