Video Art Air Freshener x Hi Art

Third Drawer Down

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Art doesn't have to just hang there on the wall - it can hang in your car! Video Art was all about innovation and creative experimentation - and while it's been around for decades it's now more accessible than ever which is why we love it. This is our bubblegum scented ode to Video Art.

About Hi Art!
Hi Art! takes the museum souvenir and reinterprets it as a fun and collectible educational tool for all ages that draws out modern & contemporary art history movements, artists, design and language. The ideas that shape and influence culture become bite-sized and digestible for the curious everyday art lover.

  • Scent: Bubblegum
  • 6.8cm (2.67")
  • Packaging Size: 9cm x 14.5cm (3.54" x 5.70")