250 Masterpieces in Western Painting

The Masterpiece Cards

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250 Masterpieces in Western Painting is a boxed set of cards that provides a survey of art history. Each card presents a faithful reproduction of a painting approved by its art museum; on the card's reverse is an essay that introduces the painting, examining its influence and meaning and key facts. The set includes some of the most influential paintings made in over 5 centuries of Western art history, from the 1440s to 1960s.

The paintings included in the boxed set are amongst the most discussed paintings by 40 art historians in two dozen leading art history books. Masterpiece Cards offers a consensus identifying some of the best paintings to date.

The boxed set is great for curious minds of all ages but specifically so for AP art history students and teachers; travelers (the cards have color coding to indicate geographic location); parents introducing art to children; attendees in art history, art appreciation, and visual arts classes; home education and homeschooling families.

You can find out more about the works of art included 250 Masterpieces in Western Painting by downloading the free Famous Paintings ebook at themasterpiececards.com. Learn what 250 paintings are included, with title, painter, year of completion, and location for each. Masterpiece Cards offers a lifetime of art appreciation, one famous painting at a time!